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 |2014-06-23|   Massive sweep sheds new light on 105-year old murder case
Today Sicilian police arrested 95 reported members of the Cosa Nostra during operation "Apocalisse". Most of the accused men originate from the Palermo region and are being accused of extortion. Police also confiscated millions of euro's. The most revealing part however came from one of the suspects who was overheard talking to a friend on the phone. Unaware the police was listening in he told that his fathers uncle, Paolo Palazzotto, was in fact the one who murdered New York policeman Joseph Petrosino back in 1909. Until now the real killer was never revealed. The murder still remains one of the biggest events in Mafia history.

 |2014-05-26|   Jailed Casalesi boss shocks Camorrista by turning state witness
Antonio Iovine, one of four bigshots of the notorious Casalesi clan, is collaborating with investigators. He was arrested in 2010 after being on the run for several years. All four bosses are behind bars ever since, but until now none of them had turned state witness. Naples is trembling since the word got out that Iovine is talking. "He is someone who knows everything" said Roberto Saviano, bestselling author of Gamorrah. "The companies, big and small, who were born and prospered thanks to the flow of cash from Antonio Iovine, feel as if they're in a room whose walls are increasingly closing in." He added.

 |2014-05-02|   Colombo member sentenced to 50 years
Colombo mobster Dino “Little Dino” Saracino must have fainted when hearing the verdict; 50 years in prison! Saracino was suspected in the 1997 killing of NYPD police officer Ralph Dols, but was acquitted. The murder did however prompted him to be made into the Colombo family. The hit was ordered by then boss Joel Cacace out of jealousy since the cop had married his ex-wife. Saracino, who once stated that he could do a 20 year sentence and walk out with a smile, remained a free man until he was ratted out by two fellow mobsters; Dino Calabro and Joseph Competiello. After being sentenced for several counts of racketeering, he told the judge that he hoped that both men would receive a similar sentence.
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 |2014-04-26|   Toronto mobster gunned down
Months after the latest developments in the Rizzuto warfare, Canada was hit by another Mafia killing. Toronto criminal Carmine Verduci (57) was found dead on the parking lot outside the Regina Sports Café. Verduci was a member of the Calabrian section of the Canadian underworld and was an important contact between Toronto and Calabria. In 2008 Verduci was noticed in Southern Italy when he attended a meeting with several members of the 'Ndrangheta. From that point on police followed him and wiretapped his cellphone. After two years of investigation Italian prosecutors discovered the existence of 7 Calabrian crime groups in the Toronto area. Because of this the RCMP launched several arrest warrants against many of it's members which possibly could have sealed Verduci's fate. It is uncertain that the murder is related to the past violence concerning the Rizzuto family.

 |2014-03-13|   Former Genovese capo sentenced in 2003 murder case
Anthony “Bingy” Arillotta, a former capo turned rat, was sentenced to 99 months in prison for two murders: that of Massachusetts mob boss Adolfo Bruno and that of mob associate Gary Westerman. The killings had awarded him with the position of capo and cleared his way to lead the Springfield faction of the Genovese family. In 2010 he was arrested and charged with the murders of Bruno and Westerman but rapidly began to cooperate with investigators. He revealed the Bruno assassination plot and testified at the trials of Genovese acting boss Arthur “Artie” Nigro and loanshark Emilio Fusco, who were send straight to prison. Because of his cooperation he only received a minor sentence for his crimes.
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 |2014-02-11|   Large scale smugglenetwork unwrapped by Italian and American police
Today a joint operation between Italian and American police forces resulted in the arrest of about 26 suspected members of a massive drug network between South-America, the United States and Europe. A 2 year investigation had revealed important trafficking links between the New York Gambino family and the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta. In New York 8 members of the Gambino family were arrested. In the Gioia Tauro region of Italy police arrested 18 suspects during nightly raids in which several FBI-agents took part. According to investigators they smuggled cocaine from South America and transited it through the container port of Gioia Tauro in Calabria, hidden in cans of fruit. The charges range from mafia association to international drug trafficking and money laundering.

 |2014-01-24|   Bonanno mobster arrested for participating in 1978 Lufthansa heist
On December 11, 1978, a couple of armed gangsters broke into a safe-house at John F. Kennedy International airport and stole 5 million dollars in cash money and about 1 million dollars worth of jewelry belonging to German airliner Lufthansa. It was the biggest heist in American history. The money was never found and although no one was ever convicted of the crime, the FBI had reasons to believe that the operation had been planned by Jimmy Burke, an associate of the Lucchese family. For years detectives sought clear evidence, but were unable to find it. Now, 35 years later, police arrested a new suspect of the heist. Vincent Asaro, a leading member of the Bonanno family and an old confidant of Burke, who passed away in 1996, was arrested on robbery charges and conspiracy related to the heist. Asaro is also being charged with the 1969 murder of Paul Katz, who's body recently surfaced.

 |2014-01-20|   3-year old boy murdered in Mafia related takeout
Last Sunday police discovered three murdered and burned corpses in Cassano, Southern Italy. The victims had been missing since Friday. One was a 52-year old man named Joseph Iannicelli, another was his 27-year old girlfriend. But what shocked them the most, was that the killers had also murdered Iannicelli's 3-year old grandchild. The boy was living with his grandfather ever-since his parents had been arrested and jailed for drug-trafficking. Police suspects that the murders are related to a violent turf war between several clans. "In that area, the gangs , despite the heavy blows inflicted by the state, continue to sow terror and death." said the prosecutor of Catanzaro.


 |2013-12-27|   Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto dies
On monday, the 23th of December, Montreal boss Vito Rizzuto passed away following complications of lung cancer. He was 67. His death came to many as a surprise. Since 2009 the Rizzuto family is involved in a violent streetwar to which his father and son already fell victim. Rizzuto was released from prison in October, 2012, and from then on started to eliminate the ones who had double crossed him. However, prison had taken a toll on him and his health. It is likely that he already had appointed a successor. Nonetheless, with Rizzuto's passing the Canadian underworld has lost one of the most charismatic Mafialeaders the country had ever seen. With him, one might say, an era has died. Rizzuto will be buried next monday.
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 |2013-12-20|   The Rizzuto war continues
Wednesday a 54-year old man named Roger Valiquette was murdered in the Laval suburb of Montreal. The victim was found next to his black Mercedes SUV on the parking lot of a restaurant. Police is searching for a Pontiac Montana minivan which contained three suspects. Valiquette was said to have been associated with Tonino Callocchia, a former ally of Vito Rizzuto. Valiquette himself was awaiting trial for death threats and possession of fire arms.

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